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Eclectic Music eXtravaganza (EMX) is a collective of an international array of musicians who meet up in Berlin (and other world stages) to produce a very eclectic chamber music concert, a music salon for the 21st century. These artists stage an event that is beyond genre boundaries, a diverse jam session between jazz, rock, electronic and contemporary classical music. 


The first concerts they produced were subtitled ‘New York Meets Berlin’, since musicians mostly from New York came to Berlin to produce these concerts with local artists, but this has expanded to include performers  from London, Duisburg, Rome, Schwaz, Vancouver, etc. 


The series is directed by composer Gene Pritsker, pianist Kai Schumacher, and drummer Philipp Bernhardt. Their associate directors include: Sound engineer Jonas Gehrmann, artist/pianist/composer Mark Kostabi, trumpeter/composer Franz Hackl, saxophonist Christoph Enzel,  shout voice singer Thomas Fischer, vocalist/composer Zarko Jovasevic,.


Other artists that have performed in the series include: World champion beat boxer Belle Ehresmann aka. Bellatrix, composer/saxophonist Daniel Schnyder, Berlin Philharmonic bass trombonist Stefan Schulz, violinist Peter Krysa, bassists Paul Kleber, Carsten Hein and Nikolai Scharnofske, The Clair Obscur Sax Quartet, trumpeter/composer Sebastian Studnitzky, guitarist Sean Satin, as well as others.The series has also co-presented concerts with The Outreach Festival at the Gruner Salon in Berlin. 


Released On Composers Concordance Records

August 2018

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