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Release 11/15

Distributed by Naxos

Bar Code: 045635364974 


Saxophonist Yaacov Mayman joins composer, DJ, Guitarist Gene Pritsker aka Di.J. Noizepunk for an album that blends jazz standards, hip-hop beats, electronic grooves, contemporary compositions and improvisation. The Mayman/Pritsker Project features Evgeny Lebedev on Keys and Aleksandra (Mogilevich) Mayman on drums. The compositions ‘Gas Choral II’ features Borislav Strulev on cello. Composers Concordance Records is excited to release this eclectic album with compositions by J.S. Bach, George Gershwin, Herbie Hancock, Yaacov Mayman, Gene Pritsker, Juan Tizol.


Performed by:

Yaacov Mayman - Sax
Gene Pritsker - Di.J., Guitar, Melodica

Evgeny Lebedev - Keys

Aleksandra (Mogilevich) Mayman - drums featuring Borislav Strulev - cello

Mastered by Gene Pritsker

Igor Satanovsky cd Design and art work


Produced by Gene Pritsker


1 Cars, Beats & Vans - Juan Tizol/Mayman/Pritsker

2 Smooth Rhetoric - Gene Pritsker

3 Watermelon Beats - Herbie Hancock/Mayman/Pritsker


4 Beat-lude Bach - J.S. Bach/Mayman/Pritsker

5 Gas Choral II - Gene Pritsker

feat. Borislav Strulev - cello

6 Be My Love - Yaacov Mayman

7 Summer Beats - George Gershwin/Mayman/Pritsker


8 Difficult To Imagine Nothingness - Gene Pritsker 

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