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Pritsker / Jarvis Duo



Release 4/16

Distributed by Naxos

Bar Code: 045635364998


Composer/guitarist Gene Pritsker and Composer/percussionist Peter Jarvis team up for an album of new music for electric guitar and drum set. For this endeavor, besides writing their own compositions, the duo reached out to a few composers and requested some new music for this unusual combination. The result is an album of six compositions by Jarvis, Pritsker, David Saperstein, Joseph Pehrson, Jessica Wells and Daniel Palkowski. Daniel on synthesizers along with Dan Cooper on bass, join the duo to form a quartet with electronics in the Jessica Wells composition. The music on this recording forms a synergy between complex musical notation and passages of free improvisation.


Gene Pritsker - guitar

Peter Jarvis - drums


Recorded at Pencil Factory Studio

Mixed by Gene Pritsker

Mastered by Sheldon Steiger

Art by Rose Hackl


Composers Concordance Records

Distributed by Naxos

Directors: Gene Pritsker, Dan Cooper




1. Controlled Improvisation  - Peter Jarvis


2. Roundelay - Gene Pritsker


3. Duo for Guitar and Drums - David Saperstein


4. Interplay - Joseph Pehrson


5. Unrecyclable - Jessica Wells

Daniel Palkowski - keys, Dan Cooper - bass


6. Pritskarvis  - Daniel Palkowski 



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