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Gene & The Strings


Distributed by Naxos


Release: 8/2/2024


The Cover.tiff

Composer Gene Pritsker has written over 950 compositions to date. Strings are a big part of his work, this album demonstrates some of Gene’s compsotions that explore the various sounds of string instruments. From solo violin compositions performed by Lara St. John and Machiko Ozawa to string quartets performed by the CompCord String Quartet and Kahlo String Quartet to music for multiple strings including compositions for 3 violin, 5 violins and 2 electric guitars. The album also combines various string sonorities including violin with classical guitar and violin with electric guitar. Two of the composition combine hip-hop with strings. The piece ‘Loss Occupied Part 2’ features an r&b voice, Gene as rapper, track and 5 violins and the composition ‘Loosing All Hope’ is for rapper, string quartet and track. The eclectic nature of Gene’s compositional style can be heard throughout the 16 track album, but the sound of string instruments makes it a cohesive whole.

“Mischief-maker and cultural blender-in-chief, Pritsker is a serious artist, yet much of his work is witty and irreverent.” Anyone can draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa, but few musicians draw it as artistically and creatively as Gene Pritsker.”
- Raymond Tuttle, Fanfare Magazine

’The shape-shifting Gene Pritsker is one of the only composers who continues to break down the barriers that still exist in the sometimes water-tight compartments that industry marketers revel in."
- Raul d'Gama Rose, AllAboutJazz

“Composer Gene Pritsker writes here with all the colors of the musical history rainbow, and this is a very good cross-genre collection of work.”.."This is a wild, eclectic (obviously) mix of music."

- Stephanie Boyd, American RecordGuide

'Intending to make music dangerous again.”
- Sequenza21

Mixed by Gene Pritsker

Mastered by Ehab Omar

Cover art Kim Pritsker

Recorded at Cossin Studios, Noizepunk Studios

All music and words written by Gene Pritsker

1. Iguana

Lara St. John - violin

2. Ennui (Live)

William Anderson - classical guitar

CompCord String Quartet:

Lynn Bechtold & Funda Cizmecioglu - vioins,

Beth Holub - viola, Molly Aronson - cello

Neat Suite

3. I. Fast

4. II. Choral

5. III. Finale

Lynn Bechtold, Funda Cizmecioglu, Mark Zaki - violins

6. Tango In V: Movement I. Vivaldi 

Machiko Ozawa - violin

7. Refugee Blues - 2nd movement (Live) 

Mark Whale - violin, Warren Nicholson - classical guitar

8. ReAbsorbed (Live)

Sabina Torosjan, Russell Kotcher - violins,

Laura Sacks - viola, Luis Mercado - cello

9. Tango In V: Movement II. Vaughn Williams

Machiko Ozawa - violin

10. Deal With The Devil (Live)

Kahlo String Quartet:

Manuela Romero Gonzalez, Audrey Lee - Violins,

Freddy Contreras - viola, Francis Carr - Cello (special guest of the Kahlo Quartet)

11. Loss Occupied Part 1

Lynn Bechtold, Funda Cizmecioglu, Mark Zaki - violins

12. Loss Occupied Part 2

David Banks - voice, Gene Pritsker - rapper,

Lynn Bechtold, Funda Cizmecioglu, Mark Zaki - violins


13. Tango In V: Movement III. Verdi

Machiko Ozawa - violin


14. In Memory of Joseph Pehrson

Lynn Bechtold - violin, Gene Pritsker - electric guitar


15. Losing All Hope

Gene Pritsker - rapper,

Ara Harutyunyan, Mikhail Bugaev - violins,

Mikhail Bugaev - viola, Philip Everett Hansen - cello


16. In Memory of Sean Satin

Gene Pritsker - guitars

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