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& Other Chamber Music of

Gene PritskEr

new album

To be released


“One of the things I like about Gene Pritsker's music, and about his attitude in general, is that he never forces an emotion. Perhaps one of the advantages of being a genius—and Gene certainly is—is that his stuff just happens.’ … “the word “risk” sums up what Gene Pritsker's eclecticism is about. What is art without taking chances?” … “5 stars”
Raymond Tuttle - Fanfare Magazine 2020 




COMCON0057     Release 7/3/2020
Bar Code: 691821281961

‘Maggots’ is a collection of various recordings, from an array of diverse ensembles, of composer Gene Pritsker’s very eclectic chamber music. From larger chamber music like the baritone concertino ‘Maggots’, ‘Berlin Suite’ and ‘Kostabi-isms’ to the sitar and string quartet piece ’The Most Incorrigible Vice’  and the duet ‘Bitter Suite’ as well as two solo compositions ‘Memories Are Not Enough’ & ‘Figar-OH!’. The album spans a wide timber range and the eclectic nature of these compositions takes you on a journey through genre-bending music and a unique musical style. 

“mischief-maker” and “cultural blender-in-chief.” Pritsker is a serious artist, yet much of his work is witty and irreverent.” …“Anyone can draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa, but few musicians draw it as artistically and creatively as Gene Pritsker.” 
- Fanfare Magazine, Raymond Tuttle

“American contemporary composer Gene Pritsker keeps on exploring new paths.”.    
- United Mutations

“Composer Gene Pritsker writes with all the colors of the musical history rainbow”
- American Record Guide, Stephanie Boyd

Front cover photo by: 
Alexander von Busch & Kir Simakov 
Back cover photo by: 
Florian Reider

Mastered by: 
Matthias Kronsteiner 

Background art in cover photo by: 
Mark Kostabi


1 Maggots

2 Larva 

3 Butterflies 

Christoph Enzel - baritone Sax, Petro Krysa - violin, Damir Bacikin - trumpet,  Konstantin Dupelius - piano, Hedi Yatouji - bass, Philipp Bernhardt - drums.
Mixed by Matthias Kronsteiner 
Recorded and engineered by Jonas Gehrmann
@ Ballhause, Berlin Germany  

4 Bitter Suite  Movement 5 - Postlude Dance   

The Formica's Age Duo: Marco Pastor, violin, Lara Díaz, Bass clarinet.
Recorded and engineered by  Marco Pastor
@ The Formica's Age Studio in Salamanca, Spain

Berlin Suite  

5. Overture

6. “You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin”, Franz von Suppe

7.  Interlude #1

8. “I still keep a suitcase in Berlin”, Marlene Dietrich

9.  Interlude #2

10. Farewell Berlin

Absolute Ensemble: Kristjan Jarvi - conducting  
Vesselin Gellev, Michiyo Suzuki, Charlie Porter, Damien Bassman, Mat Fieldes, Daniel Schnyder, Kristjan Randalu, Lucio Avanti, Christophe Schweizer, Gene Pritsker. 
Recorded and engineered by Gabriel Mounsey 
@ die Ratte in Leipzig, Germany 

11. Memories Are Not Enough  

Milos Katanic - accordion 
Recorded and engineered by Matthias Kronsteiner 
@ Studio Weinberg in Linz, Austria 

The Most Incorrigible Vice  

12. q = 96

13. q = 55    

14. q = 140 

15. q = 60
Edmundo Ramirez - sitar, Lynn Bechtold, Mioi Takeda - violins,
Edmundo Ramirez - viola, Dan Barrett - cello, Mat Fieldes - bass.
Recorded and engineered by Gene Pritsker 
@ Greenpoint studio, Brooklyn New York 

16 Figar-OH!    

Petro Krysa - violin 
Recorded and engineered by Petro Krysa 
@Krysa Studios, In Vancouver,  B. C. 

17 Kostabi-isms
EMX Ensemble: 
Mark Kostabi – narrator, Petro Krysa – violin, Franz Hackl – trumpet, 
Kai Schumacher – synth bass, Ruth Velten – soprano sax, 
Philipp Bernhard – drums, Gene Pritsker – conductor
Recorded Live by Jonas Gehrmann
@ Ballhause, Berlin germany  



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Management / Sound Liberation,
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