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'In his typical eclectic style, mixing hip-hop and beats with jazz, Gene Pritsker gives ‘The Rite Of Spring’ a contemporary twist.
"Rite Through An Eclectic Spectrum". I like it. '

Peter Van Laarhoven , United-mutations, 11/17

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“serious high energy virtuosic jazz by a truly driven and dedicated group”…”What is very clear is that these musicians are having a lot of fun”…”Gene Pritsker strikes again.”…”This is a very appealing album “

- Allan J. Cronin,  New Music Blogg, 12/17 


“…a fine tribute to Stravinsky's courage…mixes and remixes the original themes brilliantly…a nice surprise”

- Réjean Beaucage, VOIR, 1/18,


“pretty exciting and  tribal,…Modern classical teams with urban inner cities and Soweto on this wide ranging gig.”
-  George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly , 1/18,

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Big sound with an impressive punch...impressive solos and a compelling dynamism…piercingly intense guitar solo…

intending to make music dangerous again.”

Paul H. Muller, Sequenza21,  1/18

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The Rite of Spring was premiered on the 29th of May in 1913 at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. The ballet caused quite a stir with its sexual and unconventional movements as well as Stravinsky's unique and avant-garde music. It has been reported that the performance caused a riot, where people were literally out of their seats jumping and pounding one another. I always regarded this as the first mosh pit of the 20th century. As a teenager studying music, I was strongly influenced by 'The Rite of Spring'. I listened to it over and over until what sounded like noise at first, revealed itself to be the most incredible piece of music I have ever heard. I have always wanted to reinterpret this music through my own experience. Using the instrumentalists in my band Sound Liberation I composed a brand new compositions heavily inspired by the original. This new look at 'The Rite' interprets the various elements of this music using my eclectic methods and ideas: writing hip-hop and jazz songs, using improvisational techniques (like the ones used in African and Indian music), incorporating DJ and electronic elements and employing the various genres and techniques that have been developed since the premiere of this masterpiece. 




Gene Pritsker - guitar / rap / Di.J.
Chanda Rule - voice
Max Pollak - tap dancer / percussion / rap
Franz Hackl - trumpet
Greg Baker - guitar
Philipp Moll - bass
Gernot Bernroider - drums


Recorded live at The Outreach Music Festival 2014

@ the Szentrum in Schwaz, Austria

by Sigi Konzett and Andreas Wein

Mixed by Andreas Wein

Photos by Martin Vandory  


Rite Through an Eclectic Spectrum:

1. Introduction
2. Spring Swing
3. Rivals
4. Dream Residue
5. Sacrifice
6. The Chosen One
7. Rite of Spring Jam
8. Dance

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