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A Theatrical Concerto by Gene Pritsker

Philippe Quint - violin
Absolute Ensemble, Kristjan Jarvi - conductor

Video by Graham Elliot


'Trump' is a new Theatrical Concerto by Gene Pritsker, written for violinist Philippe Quint, that explores the insanity which has creeped into our political system causing the most unprecedented election in US history. The composition is not an opera but an artistic look at one of todays most polarizing figures and his political ambitions. Musical interpretations of his most outrageous statements, his relationships and ideas. The solo violinist in this theatrical concerto plays the part of the Devil, who is responsible for all of Trumps bizarre outbursts. The compsotions is a new genre that brings traditional violin concerto into the realm of theater.


A Di.J. (digital jockey) spins audio samples of Trumps words, a baritone plays the role of Trump as various singers and actors are cast in roles including: Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump and Benjamin Franklin. The musicians of the Absolute Ensemble are cast in the role of the general public, his supporters and opponents. The 45 minute piece delves into the mind set of this character, not unlike Sir Peter Maxwell Davies’s ‘8 Songs of Mad King’ delved into the mind set of King George III.

Audio Sampler

Premiere Performance

Composers Concordance Presents


A Theatrical Concerto by Gene Pritsker


November 8, 2016 at 7pm (Le) Poisson Rouge, NYC

Philippe Quint - solo violin (The Devil) Charles Coleman - baritone (Donald Trump)

Sharon Harms - soprano (Melania Trump) Anya Migdal - actress (Ivanka Trump)

Mark Kostabi - actor (Thomas Jefferson) Gene Pritsker - Di.J. & (The Devil’s Assistant)

Graham Elliott - video & V.J. Roswitha Rodrigues - art direction & video

Absolute Ensemble,  Kristjan Jarvi - conductor

Hayley Reid - flute, Kathy Halvorson - oboe, Michiyo Suzuki - clarinet, Mark Timmerman - bassoon,

Charlie Porter - trumpet, Mike Seltzer - trombone,
Derin Oge - keyboard, David Rozenblatt - drums/perc.,
Philip Payton and Denise Stillwell - violins, Edmundo Ramirez - viola,

Jennifer DeVore - cello, Mat Fieldes - bass,
Kim Heller Pritsker - voice over


1 - Intro & ‘USA Chant’

2 - 'Presidency Announcement & Mexicans'

3 - 'Wall'

4 - 'Melania'

5 - 'Muslims'

6 - 'China'

7 - 'Entertainer'

8 - 'KKK'

9 - 'Sexist'

10 - 'Rally'

11 - 'Bragging’

Video Sampler


1 - Intro & ‘USA Chant'

4 - 'Melania'

3 - 'Wall'

9 - 'Sexist'

5 - 'Muslims'

Audience videos of the Live Performance

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